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10 Things Our Homeschoolers Love About The Playground

While driving the girls love to look for playgrounds for us to spontaneously run into. We enjoy going to different ones and meeting new people. We also have our favorites that we visit regularly. Here are 10 reasons we can't resist the playground.

1. Little Exercise

When we visit a local playground, the girls love taking the stroller. It’s a chance for them to see the neighborhood, while I take a short walk. Sometimes they ask me to play with them, which is a workout running around, climbing stairs and fitting my adult body in and through a child's space.

2. Meet New Families

We recently moved, so going to the playground was a great way to meet other families and get a feel for the neighborhood.

3. All Day Fun

I never knew families used playgrounds in place of day care or school. It's genius!! We bring food, a bowl (for bathroom emergencies) and stay at the playground (filled with children) all day.

4. All Year Fun

Our city does not do playground snow removal however, we still love getting 20 minutes of fresh air on a cold winter day. During the colder seasons, we visit playgrounds during school recess time, so the girls can see and play with other children. During the warmer months, the sprinklers are very popular and more families come out.

5. Culture of Sharing

We bring water balloons, jump ropes, sidewalk chalk and other fun activities. The girls love making another child happy by sharing their toys.

6. Try Used Toys

A few towns we visited allow residents to leave used toys at the playground. It gives the girls a chance to try out bikes and scooters (to name a few).

7. Builds Confidence

I love the look on our children’s faces when they can climb a structure or swing from the bars by themselves. There are so many skills to hone in on at the playground and they are able to practice over-and-over again until they perfect it.

8. Sleep Good

I always want the girls to sleep peacefully through the night. I notice when they have used all their energy running around they are so exhausted at bedtime.

9. Never Closed

This can be a curse instead of a blessing. Sometimes we leave right before sundown — and even then the girls want to stay.

10. Free

It doesn’t cost anything. What more is there to say.

Until next time...

Peace & Love,


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