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5 Ways I Teach The Girls To Care For Their Hair

I want our girls to be confident, to know they were created perfectly just the way they are. More specifically, I want them to have a positive self-image and favorable experiences when it comes to caring for their hair. Here are five ways we teach hair care to our girls:

1. Walk Them Through It

While doing their hair, I explain the importance of each step. Wetting, conditioning, and brushing so that my voice and the process is ingrained in their heads.

2. Compliment Them Regularly

Our daughters have two different textures and I love them both. Especially when I brush their hair at night, I don't keep my thoughts to myself, I'm constantly telling them how beautiful their curls are.

3. They Do Their Hair

How else will they learn how to do their hair if they have never tried? Practice makes perfect. As long as their strands are detangled, I sometimes let them style their own hair. This can be tough because the five year old brushes out her curls and is left with a style that looks untouched to me -- but she loves it.

4. Let Them Decide Their Hairstyle

They both prefer their hair out. The five year old will also accept pony tails and buns but no braids. I like letting them be in charge of their appearance and making sure they feel beautiful after I have styled them for the day.

5. Dolls' Hair

My girls love cleansing, conditioning, combing and styling their dolls' hair. I'm happy they do, because dolls' hair is easily matted if it isn't done on a regular basis. Our daughter takes great pride in caring for her babies' hair. Her eyes light up when she notices how the conditioner softens the hair and loosens the tangles. I enjoy watching her care for her babies, knowing she is practicing to take care of her own head.

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