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5 Reasons I Love Getting My Period

I don’t mind getting my period, sometimes I wait for it and other times I am counting down the days until it comes. Overall, I understand lots of woman dread this time of the month and I wanted to share 5 reasons I love getting mine.

1. I Am Healthy

There was a time, I didn’t treat my body so well and my menses was really light. Now it is a healthy flow - a sign that my body is getting the nutrients it needs and all my lady parts are working as they should.

2. Creator of Life

My period reminds me that I bring new life into this world. The fact that my body can naturally create a perfect and beautiful baby is a miracle!!!

3. I’m not pregnant

I am fully aware a woman can be pregnant and still get her period - but for some reason I feel this exception doesn’t apply to me. So whenever my period comes, I am relieved and happy that I do not have a new life growing inside of me (unless my goal was to get pregnant -- wink, wink).

4. Get to Wear My cloth Pads

Who doesn’t like these cute little handmade sanitary napkins. These pads are super comfortable and cute. Plus, I feel special knowing I have a secret no one else knows about.

5. Knowing My Body

I feel extremely secure when I am in tuned with my body throughout my menstrual cycle. I feel empowered knowing slight cramping and ample discharge means it's baby making time. Understanding my body and knowing how it works, makes me feel self-assured, sexy and more confident in who I am.

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