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7 Things That Aren't So Pleasant About Breastfeeding

Breast is best and no one can convince me otherwise. The benefits definitely outweigh the annoyances, so please don’t be discouraged. If you stop nursing your baby before they turn one years old, this blog may not apply. Those who continue to nurse, you may experience some of these unpleasantries.

1. Kids Don’t Want To Stop

Have you ever tasted breast milk? It is the perfect temperature and satisfyingly sweet, no matter what I eat. No wonder these girls love it. Our two-year old has had a full set of teeth for some time - so she is able to eat solid food - yet she prefers breast milk. Our five year old stopped nursing a little after 3 years old and she still begs for “a little squirt.”

She once confessed trying to steal some milk when I was sleeping but according to her “it [the breast] was empty.”

7 Things That Aren't So Pleasant About Breastfeeding | DommiesBlessed

2. Scars

My mom says it looks like I have a communicable disease from the scratches my daughter gave me trying to pull the breast out of my shirt. It not only looks bad - her sharp nails hurt and it feels uncomfortable having a child grab me out of my clothes.

3. First Toy

My nipples are essentially my child’s first toy. While nursing, my girls love to twist, pull, flick, and play with the opposite nipple. I understand pumping the breast to let down the milk, but when she starts playing with the nipples, it’s quite uncomfortable.

4. It’s Convenient

In the beginning, I would not bring food and became overly dependent on breast milk - because it was easier. This in turn, created my daughter’s now dependency on the breast.

5. Must Be Seated

It can be overwhelming to have to stop my busy life to nurse a child. While it is possible to breastfeed while standing, cooking, walking (I’ve done all of these) the most comfortable position for me is seated with my legs raised.

6. Their Coping Skill

The breast has become my daughter’s go-to for most emotions. If she is nervous, scared, sleepy, bored - she turns to the breast for comfort. This is somewhat awkward for me, because if we are in a new environment and our daughter does not feel completely comfortable, she immediately wants to be comforted on the breast.

7. Get Well Treatment

When our babies are ill, they are glued to my chest and do not want get off. I’m not sure if the milk or the suckling is soothing to them, but they are best comforted by being attached to the breast.

Until next time.

Peace & Love,


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