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7 Reasons We Keep Our Girls' Hair Short

7 Reasons We Keep Our Girls' Hair Short | DommiesBlessed

1. The Girls Dislike Getting Their Hair Done

I can't remember exactly when our 5 year old started to stay still, but our two-year-old definitely moves away from me every time I reach for her head. It doesn't hurt, they just don't let getting their hair done.

2. They Love The Curly Fro

Our five year old says, "braids take too long" and prefers her hair in a pony tail, bun or in a fro. Shortly after I style our two year-old’s hair she gestures for me to take it out. If I refuse she does it herself.

3. I’m Learning How To Do Curly Hair

Believe it or not, I used to be the go-to person for hair. I braided my whole high school basketball teams hair. I frequently installed extensions for girls when we were in college. I also did my own locs, weave-ins and presses. However, I never learned to maintain a curly fro. Because I haven’t mastered how to do their hair, I keep it short until I figure it out.

4. It’s Healthier

I’m frequently told to not cut their hair, but since their hair is trimmed very often, their hair seems healthier. Again, the goal is happy girls and healthy curls.

5. Less Time Grooming and More Time Having Fun

I do their hair everyday and the longer it is, the more time it takes.

6. It Grows

The good thing about hair is - it grows. If they want it long when they are older they can always grow it out.

7. Confidence & Bonding

I want them to love their hair and know how to care for it. I didn't feel good about all of us dreading getting their hair done. I want to enjoy the bonding time and I want them to love how they look.

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Love The Journey,

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