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8 Natural Remedies Breastfed Kids Love

The last time I can vividly remember “losing my mind” was when both of our children were sick at the same time. Having a sick child is stressful. Here are 7 things I do to keep all of us happy.

7 Things I Do When The Girls Aren't Feeling Well | DommiesBlessed

1. Get Out the House

I bundle up the girls and do our normal activities - just because one is sick doesn’t mean we should spoil the fun for our other child.

You're probably thinking -- great now you'll get other people sick. I avoid indoor activities and anything where we would be in close proximity to others (such as enclosed spaces). I also like to wear them in a wrap, because they're more comfortable that way, they can continue sleeping, and they're not breathing, sneezing or contaminating others.

Fresh air is essential especially when sick. This does not apply when my babies are under 6 months old. And of course, I wouldn’t take them out if they are vomiting or anything else more serious.

2. Massage the Temples

While nursing, I massage the baby's temples, because I do not want the mucus getting stuck in her ear canal and causing an ear infection (I hear they are painful). Massaging the temples helps to move the mucus along so that it is not just sitting causing problems.

3. Cuddle A lot

I can always tell when they are coming down with something because they become more clingy. It’s just them reminding me that hugs do cure sickness. My eldest loved the wrap feeling my heart beat and body heat all day was comforting. Even if we are out the house, I make sure they are as comfortable as possible.

4. Peppermint Bath

Their noses quickly get clogged with mucus especially our two year old who hasn’t mastered blowing her nose yet. There are cool devices that help clear the nose like this one or this one, but they scare our kids. During their nightly baths, I put in 3 drops of peppermint essential oil. It’s cooling, calming and in combination with the hot steam helps to open up their congestion.

5. Distract Them

Since I still nurse, my child’s ideal spot when she is not feeling well is on my breast ALL DAY - which is overwhelming. Going to different places, our daughters find new things to explore so they are distracted from not feeling well.

6. Lots of Liquids

I find the girls don’t want to eat as much when they are not feeling well. Our five year-old loves home-made soup - the nutrient rich meal is just what her body needs for recovery. Herbal teas are also tasty option. Some of the girls faves are lemongrass, orange, chamomille, hibiscus and peppermint tea. Between tea, soup, the breast and her water bottle, our two-year old sips liquids all day.

7. Use My Maternal Instinct

I always trust my maternal instinct to determine what is best for their recovery. I’ll take suggestions (from doctors, family, friends, etc) and then I determine what is the best for our children.

Until next time...

Love The Journey,

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